Moms Made Virtual Group

Moms Made Infertility Miracles support online moms in th emaking

Do you have a miracle baby at home after going through infertility? Whether your baby came through pregnancy or adoption, we want you to continue to be supported on your journey.

In addition to our online facebook group, we are so excited to announce that we also have a virtual group for our Moms Made.

This group will follow a similar format as our Moms in the Making groups. It will meet every 2nd + 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm central time and will be led by Shauna Stobbs-Bultema.

The group meeting will be hosted through a private link that is sent to you which you can access from any device (computer or phone) and will have women from all stages and ages.

If you want to join women from all over the world for support and encouragement in the journey of motherhood, please sign up below:

Sign up here