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Prayer Partners

Moms in the Making has been facilitating prayer partners for several years now.  Our heart for prayer partners is to connect you to one person so you can encourage, support and pray for one another. There has been testimony after testimony of the amazing friendships and lifelong best friends that have come out of the Moms in the Making prayer partners and we are expectant and excited to hear what God has in store this time as well!

Prayer Partners infertility support moms in the making

Please note that we will match you to the best of our ability, but you could be matched up with someone who is on a much different journey than you. We ask that you only sign up if you are able to commit to the next 4 months.

PS. Currently, prayer partner signups open every 4 months. Which means if the form is turned off it’s because sign-ups are not currently happening. To stay up to date to when sign ups are opening please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.